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Who We Are



The Sunnyslope Church strives to continue the work of Jesus.   Peacefully. Simply. Together. 


We are a small congregation of Progressive Christians, called by Jesus to be inclusive, caring, and peace-minded.  We affirm that people of any race, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, diverse abilities, age, economic status, faith tradition, or life situation are welcome in our congregation.  


We believe in compassionate service, stewardship of creation, respect for diversity, and nonviolent reconciliation of differences among all people, nations, and faith traditions.  


We claim no creed but the New Testament, as exemplified by the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  We strive to follow the way of Jesus. 


We take the Bible very seriously, but not literally. We believe that spiritual truth is so far beyond our human ability to comprehend that we require symbol and metaphor to come closer to understanding. In relationship to the Bible, we look for more than literal meaning to help us find God’s truth for the world and God’s direction for our lives. We try to understand what any particular biblical text meant to those who originally heard it, and then, given the differences in time and culture, what it means for us today.  We take God’s grace seriously as we read, study and discern, trusting we will grow ever closer to the mind and heart of God.


We are a congregation in communion (dually-aligned) with

two different denominations: 

The Church of the Brethren and The United Church of Christ 

For more information about these denominations,

visit: or


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